Telegram Button

Add your Telegram button,channel or group to your website.

Why should you add telegram widgets to your site?

Adding Telegram widgets to your website allows you to easily communicate with your users and helps increase your telegram following
Below is a sample page on how the widgets would be visible to the users(Notice the bottom-right corner).
This allows easier communication and helps in better sales and viewership for your website

How to Setup?

  1. Press Get Started or Widget Setup button and go to the Widget Setup form
  2. Add the bot @telebuttonbot to your channel
  3. Write your channel name in the widget form and press get widget code
  4. Copy the embed code into your website

Types of widgets

A button directing to your channel/group showing the number of members
A simple round button directing to your channel/group
A simple round button with pulse directing to your channel/group
A chatbox showing all your latest messages in your group.